Falcon Health Center follows the same Privacy Policy that Wood Health Company does due to collaboration efforts between the two facilities.

Each time you visit Falcon Health Center, we make a record of the information gathered during your visit. This information is used for a number of purposes. These uses are set forth below. Finally, we have certain responsibilities regarding our use of your information. Our responsibilities are set forth below.


We are permitted by law to use your health information to provide treatment to you. For example, we will provide your physician and other clinicians involved in your care and treatment with the information in our records to assist the physician in providing proper care to you. We will also provide this information to subsequent health care providers. These individuals may create additional information related to the care and treatment they provide to you.

We are permitted by law to use your health information to obtain payment for our services. For example, we may use your health information to assess the quality of care we provide in order to maintain our standards.

In addition to these disclosures, we may use your information to contact you to provide appointment reminders to you or to advise you of treatment alternatives available to you.

We are permitted, and in some cases required by law, to make certain other disclosures of health information without your consent. We may disclose your health information, if appropriate, to the following entities under the following circumstances:

  • To public health agencies to satisfy certain reporting requirements, such as births and deaths, certain communicable diseases, child abuse, and other Public health issues;
  • To health oversight agencies, such as governmental auditors, the Ohio Department of Health and other agencies when required;
  • To any individual when ordered by the court or other legal process to do so;
  • To law enforcement officials when necessary for law enforcement purposes and required by law;
  • To law enforcement officials if you are an inmate to provide health care to you or for the safety and security of the institution;
  • To Family and Friends that are involved in your care, or who assist in taking care of you;
  • To a coroner or medical examiner when necessary to enable them to perform their duties;
  • To organ procurement organizations, to enable them to make suitability determination in cases of emergency;
  • To Workers’ Compensation and similar programs;
  • To researchers if their research has been approved by and institutional review board and they take certain steps to protect your privacy;
  • To the military if you are a member of US or foreign military forces and if required by the appropriate authorities.

We will not use your information for any other purpose without your written authorization. You have the right to revoke any authorization you provide us, provided you do so in writing.


This includes, but is not limited to –

  • Uses and disclosures of psychotherapy notes
  • Certain uses and disclosures for marketing purposes including direct or indirect remuneration to Falcon Health Center
  • Uses and disclosures that constitute a sale of your protected health information
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Falcon Health Center is located next to the Bowling Green State University (BGSU) campus.

The Center serves the entire surrounding community as well as the BGSU faculty, staff and students. Falcon Health Center offers convenience care appointments with medical providers, immunizations, travel medicine, skin screenings, lab and radiology services, acupuncture, chiropractic care and physical therapy. For your convenience the Falcon Health Center offers a full-service pharmacy with drive through.