Nutrition counseling may be offered by the Falcon Health Center medical providers or a referral to a Registered Dietician may be necessary for more detailed and/or disease specific cases. Our professionals work hard to create a confidential environment where clients can feel free to discuss any questions or concerns.

Some examples of nutrition counseling may be diabetes, eating disorders, high cholesterol and weight reduction.

In a society that pushes a particular body image, it is easy to forget proper eating habits in order to mold ourselves after the current fashion. The Falcon Health Center can be utilized as both an educational tool and a guiding beacon on your quest to nutritional health. Our health care professionals provide you with the most current advice and counseling to improve your state of nutrition.

The key to maintaining a healthy weight is balancing calories consumed with calories burned. Websites such as Choose My Plate can be used as another resource. They provide information on healthy eating, weight management, portion control, and general nutrition education.

The Wellness Connection at BGSU also promotes healthy eating habits. They give healthy meal options and recipes that are easy to follow and keep you on track. Learn more about the work and services at the Wellness Connection by visiting the link below.


Nutrition Services at Wood County Hospital (WCH) offers a variety of Outpatient Medical Nutrition Therapy sessions for individuals and groups. Topics covered during these sessions include diabetes, pre-diabetes, insulin resistance, weight loss (obesity), high cholesterol (hyperlipidemia), hypertension, food allergies, gluten sensitivity, childhood nutrition issues and more.

These therapy sessions can be referred by a physician, but do not require a referral.

Below are guidelines for scheduling an appointment with an outpatient dietician:

  1. Call 419-354-8863 and press option #1 when prompted to do so
  2. Please record what you eat and drink (including amounts and time) for 3 days
  3. Please bring your referral, if applicable, and your food record to the appointment
  4. Please arrive 15 minutes early for your appointment. Come to the front of the hospital and check in at the Welcome Center inside the front entrance. After registering, the dietitian will escort you to the office

Your appointment will last approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours. The dietician may recommend follow-up visits and can be individually scheduled at that time.

Note: Outpatient Medical Nutrition Therapy referrals can be made by your physician, so these services may be billed through your insurance company. Before scheduling an appointment, it is the patient’s responsibility to contact his or her insurance company to verify coverage for this service. Patients do not need to have a referral to make an appointment with an outpatient dietitian. They will then be billed as a self pay client.

Fee Structure: $30.00 per 15 minutes for a one-on-one meeting. $21.00 per client per 30 minutes for groups of two or more.



For more information about Nutrition Counseling, please contact us.
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