At the Falcon Health Center, we offer many routine vaccinations to keep students and community members healthy and safe.


  • Flu vaccines – available seasonally, call for more information 419-372-2271.
  • Vaccines are available for anyone 12 years of age and older.


Please note the recommended vaccinations listed below that we suggest students receive before coming to BGSU.

Coming to college is an exciting time in an individual’s life and here at Falcon Health Center, we want to assist students in making a smooth and health transition.

Below is a list of recommended vaccinations that we suggest students receive before coming to BGSU or living in a residence hall.

  • M.M.R. (Measles, Mumps, Rubella): two doses required at least 28 days apart for students born after 1956.
  • Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis (TDAP): TDAP booster recommended.
  • Completion of Meningitis ACWY vaccine and Meningitis B vaccine
  • Completion of Hepatitis B vaccine information
  • Tuberculosis Screening: if a student has signs or symptoms of active TB or a member of a high-risk group
  • Polio vaccine
  • Hepatitis A vaccine
  • Chickenpox (varicella) vaccine
  • Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine: The Falcon Health Center offers the Gardasil vaccine to help protect against diseases caused by HPV. Gardasil is for girls and women 9-26 years of age. The vaccine does not substitute for routine cervical cancer screenings. Three doses of the vaccine are needed. For more information about Gardasil, go to
  • Seasonal Flu vaccine

All of the recommended vaccinations listed above may be given without a doctor’s order.

Our staff can continue a series of vaccine injections initiated by another health care provider.

Click here for more information about travel vaccinations.


Recommended vaccinations:

  • Hepatitis B: a series of three shots given over a 6 month period.
  • Tetanus and Diptheria: must have received the vaccination within the last 10 years
  • Measles, Mumps, Rubella: two doses required at least 28 days apart.
  • Meningococcal Vaccine: must have received the vaccine between the ages of 16-21.
  • Tuberculosis Screening: if a student is showing signs or symptoms of active TB, or a member of a high risk group.

International students must have received these vaccines once in their lifetime, and be able to provide proof. The university will not accept completion of the immunization if you do not have documentation of it.

If you have any questions about the vaccine requirements, please call the Falcon Health Center at: 419-372-2271.

For more information about International students, contact International Student Services at: 419-372-2247.