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The Diabetes Education Program at Wood County Hospital provides Initial Diabetes Self-Management training and refresher education for clients with Diabetes on an outpatient basis upon physician referral. Find out more. 


The Falcon Health Center provides a convenient, full-service pharmacy for the entire Bowling Green and Wood County Community and its members. The Falcon Health Center Pharmacy provides patient counseling, over-the-counter medications, third-party prescriptions, diabetic testing supplies, and a drive-thru service. Medicare Part D patients may also obtain the Shingrix vaccination through the pharmacy. To begin utilizing the Falcon Health Center Pharmacy, simply call (419) 372-7443 or stop by the pharmacy and speak with a Pharmacist.


Physical Therapy focuses on restoring function, relieving pain and educating our patients after an injury, surgery, or disease. Our physical therapist will create a treatment plan and goals personalized to each patient to improve physical performance as quickly and safely as possible. We will use positive, age appropriate activities to improve balance, coordination, gross motor function, muscle and joint flexibility specific to your needs. Physician referrals are required for insurance reimbursement. Find out more. 


Primary Care Sports Medicine physician provides treatment of active individuals who are looking to prevent injury, improve performance, and enhance overall health. In addition to this, treatment and evaluation is available for patients who are dealing with musculoskeletal pain; whether that be an acute injury related to athletics or chronic joint pain. At the Falcon Health Center X-ray and radiology services are available to further evaluate injuries or pain in a timely manner. Combining this with ultrasound imaging, both bone and soft tissue can be evaluated which helps aid in diagnosis and treatment.

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Falcon Health Center is located next to the Bowling Green State University (BGSU) campus.

The Center serves the entire surrounding community as well as the BGSU faculty, staff and students. Falcon Health Center offers convenience care appointments with medical providers, immunizations, travel medicine, skin screenings, lab and radiology services, acupuncture, chiropractic care and physical therapy. For your convenience the Falcon Health Center offers a full-service pharmacy with drive through.